About Sphinx

Sphinx is the oldest honorary on campus. Since 1907, there have been over 100 years of members, known as links. Each year, Sphinx links 24 exceptional senior students and aims to foster strong friendships among them.

The following was written in the anonymous membership invitation sent by the original four to their twelve classmates. Each was asked to join in forming a senior society that would be:

Something to make more genuine the friendship between college students.
Something to make more cherished the memories of our years at Ohio State.
Something for the University, the Alma Mater we shall love the more as years go by.
Something which, when established now, will - let it be hoped - in future years prove an incentive to underclassmen to strive to make higher their own standards as well as those of their University.

May we always remember
...how firm thy friendship, O-HI-O


  • To recognize and honor students who have shown success in various fields of endeavor.
  • To create a bond of fellowship in which each individual will use his or her abilities to enhance and promote the best interests of The Ohio State University.